Ercros starts 2024 with a profit of EUR 3 million

  • In the first quarter of 2024, Ercros obtained a contribution of EUR 65 million, an adjusted ebitda of EUR 14 million and a profit of EUR 3 million. 
  • These results were achieved against a backdrop of cyclical adjustment, with European demand continuing to show signs of weakness and highly volatile and highly competitive markets.
  • Ercros maintains a solid financial position, with EUR 141 million in liquidity.
  • If the next general meeting of shareholders so decides, Ercros will pay a dividend of 9.6 cents per share, which will mean a disbursement for the company of EUR 8.8 million, 32.7% of the 2023 profit of Ercros S. A., which was EUR 26.8 million. 
  • The consensus of specialized publications predicts that the recovery in demand for the European chemical industry will occur throughout the second half of 2024. We'll need to await further progress in the year to provide more accurate forecasts. 
  • In any case, Ercros will continue to implement the 3D Plan to advance in the digitalisation and decarbonisation of its processes and operations. It will maintain its presence in all the markets where it operates and seize the opportunities that arise to defend its margins.

Icome statements for the 2024 and 2023 first quarters